We are an experienced team of beverage alcohol and technology experts who are passionate about using software to improve large markets and create efficiencies for customers. We are applying this philosophy to the $230b US liquor industry to change the way consumers discover and buy wine, spirits, and beer.


The Team





Drync was born in the small Tuscan town of San Casciano dei Bagni, Italy. On vacation with spouses and enjoying wine throughout the region, co-founders Brad Rosen and Jodi Goldstein began using their iPhones to capture labels of favorites. Both tech entrepreneurs, the opportunity to use the connected smartphone to demystify wine and increase buyer confidence was not lost on them.

Brad then invited co-founders Bill Kirtley and Rob Mathews, two of the best engineers Brad knew, along with user experience guru Eric Sagalyn to create the most comprehensive wine database and community in the world.

As a team, Brad, Jodi, Bill, and Rob grew Drync organically to become an enormous community of beverage enthusiasts and a huge aggregation of beverage information and consumer preference data.